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It's not an illusion. It's the Technology.
New version of jPALIO Framework 7.4.102
  • Versioning – provides viewing, comparing and restoring of application code passed versions.
  • Syntax Analysis - provides real-time validation of application code, extra code inspections, tooltips, extended code completion and refactorization.
  • Administration Panel – allows advanced server management and possibility to sign in as the server administrator.
  • ...

Upgrade or install the new version of jPALIO using the following link: http://jdesigner.jpalio.com

Become a Partner

Our jPALIO based products are used by the most viewed and the most popular ERP on-line SAAS platform in Poland - OPTI.PL
An ERP system, web based and jPALIO driven, ideal for SAAS services has been choosen by OPTI.PL - the most innovative accounting on-line systems in the SAAS model provider in Poland.
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After two years of operations we know for sure that jPALIO technology can be successfully used in primary, specialized and chronic care systems.
since mid of 2013 till january of 2015 written in jPALIO ekolejkowanie.pl primary care supporting system proccessed 4 273 828 patients visits.
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jPALIO™ "Ready for IBM PureSystems"

We are very proud to inform you that in december 2012 jPALIO™ platrofm has passed certification and validation process and sucessfully received ”Redy for IBM PureSystems” status.

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