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It's not an illusion. It's the Technology.

At jPALIO we like people with passion!

That is why we sponsor TRT Torn Racing Team which consists of people with great passion for motorbikes. For the same rison we decided to sponsor young people from military club WKS Zegrze. We met them on Zalew Zegrzyński preparing to motorboat racing. We hope that motorbikes and motorboat races day by day become more popular in Poland giving young people a chance to be more proactive.

jPALIO SA works with BMW Poland on BMW F800 Cup Polish edition. So not only the TRT Torn Racing Team represents us on net. Together with the BMW POLAND and the BMW dealer BMW SIKORA we build BMW F 800 CUP site. And we also build official web site of WKS Zegrze club.

We hope to promote motorbike and motorboat sports among Warsaw youth and at the same time make jPALIO brand more visible.

More information you will find on TRT Official Site and club WKS Zegrze web site.




W jPALIO lubimy ludzi z pasją!

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