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It's not an illusion. It's the Technology.
jPALIO™ "Ready for IBM PureSystems"

We are very proud to inform you that in december 2012 jPALIO™ platrofm has passed certification and validation process and sucessfully received ”Redy for IBM PureSystems” status.

PureFlex System is an infrastructure system that provides an integrated computing environment -- combining servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single offering.

PureFlex System supports the following solution types:



PureApplication System is a platform system specifically designed and tuned for running applications. The system supports the use of patterns for easy deployment into its cloud environment.

PureApplication System supports the following solution types:



PureData System is a platform that is designed and optimized for your data services.

The PureData System comes in the following models which are pre-configured and optimized for specific data workloads:



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