java based portal all in one

jPALIO™ - what is that ?

The jPALIO (JAVA based Portal All In One) is a tool for the management of a company's internal processes, devised to operate both in the Intranet and the Internet. The jPALIO as an universal databus, can also be used in the personalized distributed multivendor database-based internet portals with extreme ease of updating information vital for operations of big organizations, companies or corporations. With its significant number of implemented communication connectors (SQL, TCP/IP, XML, LDAP, SMTP, SNMP, JAVA components, WebServices) the system can be easily integrated with other systems and solutions.

The jPALIO is a modular system based entirely on the technologies and products such as: JAVA, Tomcat, Apache and any SQL database with JDBC or ODBC interface (ORACLE, DB2, Sybase, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, HypersonicSQL, Access, etc.). The jPALIO's structure enables easy introduction of new elements and their remote control.

Designing the jPALIO, significant focus was put on proper security strategy, so SSL protocol is used to ensure security of transferred data. Additionally, user authentication may incorporate tokens or chip cards with Public Key Infrastructure. Read more ...