jpalio programming tool

jPALIO™ - what is that ?

jPALIO™ is a Java-based tool an intelligent servlet, a foundation for dedicated applications for a variety platform including the IBM Mainframe platform or CLOUD technology. It is used in telecommunications companies, state offices, health care, press agencies, universities, local government administration and non-governmental organizations.

jPALIO™ platform has a very large built-in functionality that allows efficient and fast creation of portal and mobile solutions. The modular structure combined with roles and privileges by region mechanism opens unlimited possibilities in any application development even for huge organizations. At the same time it does not limit the choice of a programmer who can easily complete the system with the desired functionality by creating a new module and attaching it to the system as a proprietary jPALIO plugin.

Developing an jPALIO™ application you can mix together HTML, JavaScript, JAVA, Groovy, SQL or any other languages via jPALIO™ modules functionality. Integration of any physical device with the platform can be easily done by dedicated jPALIO™ modules too.