jDESIGNER - what is that ?

jDESIGNER - from a technical point of view - that is an WebStart driven JAVA applet used to communicate with the jPALIO server.

The programmer coding an application can parallelly use the objects written in:

  • jPALIO Classic
  • jPALIO Super
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Java,
  • Groovy
  • SQL

jPALIO DESIGNER – main features:

  • Management of objects, pages, privileges, roles, multimedia objects
  • Support for GLOBAL modules (global parameters), LANG (internationalization), SCHEDULER (management of cyclic tasks performed in the background)
  • Highlighting jPALIO Classic, jPALIO Super, Java, Groovy, HTML, JavaScript and SQL
  • Full interaction (immediate refreshing of data from transactions made by other users)
  • Live messaging about other users' work (editions started, anticipated conflicts, etc.)
  • Displaying project history (viewing transactions with filters on users / date / specific element or type of elements)
  • Export / import of the whole portal to / from patches, differential patches
  • Active patch function (remembering changes made by the user during patch activity)
  • Access to databases managed by jPALIO Searching for objects with a test
  • Remote execution of objects Remote compilation / displaying compilation errors