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jpalio licensing

jPALIO™ Licensing model

jPALIO™ Platorm License is not required to conduct work in the jPALIO™ Technology environment, but if you decide to buy one you will open a new way of technology thinking for your every day business.

There are several types of jPALIO™ licenses and support:

  • Enterpise – jPALIO™ Platform installed on one computer/server, servicing the complete number of cores of the processors; no limits regarding number of users and installed applications. Price: 3 000 euro + VAT for every core processor.
  • Enterpise-Server – functionality as for the Enterprise license. Price: 30,000 euro net per server regardless of the number of cores / processors.
  • Standard – jPALIO ™ platform installed on one server computer without the ability to work in a cluster and use of user space, without further restrictions in relation to the Enterprise version, Price: EUR 2,000 net for each processor core available on the server.
  • Standard-Server – functionality as for the Standard license. Price: 20,000 euro net per server regardless of the number of cores / processors.
  • Application – installed along with the application for which the end customer does not have copyrights to the source code, on one server computer that supports the total number of processor cores of this server without the possibility of using jDesigner™ (without the possibility to modify the source code of the applications installed on it), the license can be extended to Standard or Enterprise version, Price: 500 euro net for every processor core available on the server.
  • Application-Server – functionality as for the Application license. Price: 5,000 euro net per server regardless of the number of cores / processors.
  • Terminal – installed on one terminal (computer workstation). The jPALIO™ Platform can be used only by one person at the same time, without the possibility to access the platform remotely. Other conditions are as in the Application version. Price: 300 euro + VAT.
  • Terminal OEM – The Terminal licence dedicated to OEM manufacturers. The jPALIO™ Platform can be used only by one person at the same time, but with no restriction to access the platform and an aplication remotely via jDESIGNER™. Other conditions are as in the Terminal version. Price: 690 euro + VAT.
  • Dedicated – granted base on individual and specific contractual conditions, where the specifics of the client’s business usage does not fit with the other license types.
  • Develop & Test – license provided for the development and testing purpose only, free of charge, granted for a certain period of time. This license does not allow commercial development of applications and the products of the development are not intended for sale or commercial operations.
  • Support  – technical support service for the jPALIO ™ system with an update to the new version of jPALIO™ - an annual subscription fee of 23% of the catalog values of the purchased licenses (does not include the Terminal license)

Under any license, the licensee is granted access to the following modules and utility applications that facilitate the construction of commercial systems:       

  • Built-in authorization system, user rights and sessions,     
  • Tools supporting modeling and building business processes (workflow),     
  • Content management system (jCMS ™),     
  • Tools for communication via webservices, tcp / ip, ftp, snmp, communication with Active Directory,
  • Tools for generating pdf, xls, xml documents, bar codes, charts,     
  • Integration data bus,     
  • and many other modules.  

The costs of preparing the application, as well as the number of processor cores required for the correct operation of the application, depend strictly on the type of application and the number of users.